Thank you Phil

Right now I am doing Men’s Security to let out the fortune from my heart to join the hearts of the members as one heart dancing and swirling in waves of fortune that we will all take into our lives as we go out to the “third assembly” to nourish the hearts of the many, planting seeds of fortune in the great barren world, seeking to pull and suck up the life, the heart that is buried underneath, to find a way to coax it up, unafraid, and out where, in the open, it can find its soul, our soul.


…so impeccable was the reflection of the beholder.

He clung to chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo out of desperation, with the fierce demeanor of an attacking lion whose very survival depends on trapping that baby gazelle. To those who observed him, some saw the changes in him that he himself could not perceive, the brightening of his face, his calm and confident demeanor—while others saw a crazed man, afraid of life, hoping to mask his pitiful cowardice in extreme, radical religious fanaticism. To know him was to know oneself, so impeccable was the reflection of the beholder.