Wisdom for Mode…

Wisdom for Mode….


Wisdom for Mode…

Wisdom for Modern Life by Daisaku Ikeda
Sunday, November 24, 2013:

There is no one lonelier or more unhappy than a person who does not know the pure joy of creating a life for himself or herself. To be human is not merely to stand erect and manifest intelligence or knowledge. To be human in the full sense of the word is to lead a creative life.

The struggle to create new life from within is a truly wonderful thing. There is found the brilliant wisdom that guides and directs the workings of reason; the light of insight that penetrates the farthest reaches of the universe; the undaunted will to see justice done that meets and challenges all the assaults of evil; the spirit of unbounded care that embraces all who suffer. When these are fused with that energy of compassion that pours forth from the deepest sources of cosmic life, an ecstatic rhythm arises to color the lives of all people.

Wisdom for Modern Life by Daisaku Ikeda
Sunday, November 24, 2013:

The mission of art

Democratic Party Nominee Gerry Harrison’s Convention speech from “GERRI”



John Harrison, Gerri’s husband is in the middle of his speech as we enter this excerpt:


              I’ve never seen anybody fight

              as hard as she has to make life

              better for as many people as

              possible. I have to bow in honor

              to my wife, who outdoes me in so

              many ways. If you elect her and

              give her a like-minded Congress to

              work with, I can assure you that

              America will move forward quickly

              and the promise made in that

              document which I have devoted my

              life to interpreting can be revived

              for all Americans. So let’s all

              fight hard now until November, but

              most important, starting in January

              of next year

                   (raising pitch and volume

                   as he gestures and turns

                   to his right while keeping

                   his face to the crowd)

              with Gerri Harrison as our next



HUGE AND RESOUNDING APPLAUSE while The Dixie Chicks SIGNG “I’m Not Ready to Make Nice” PLAYS while she walks out onto the podium waving and beaming a big smile.



              Are you ready America?



                   (some cheering,

                   some chanting like

                   the Jerry Spinger chant)

              Gerri! Gerri! Gerri! Gerri! Gerri!





              Are you ready America?!!





              Are you ready for a big change?!!





              You know, some people have said

              that we Democrats are about turning

              the clock back and returning to the






              And I can see where we might want

              to do that! 





              But that’s never been our way of

              thinking. We are not backward

              looking people. We are forward

              looking people, looking to do

              things that have never been done

              before. To find solutions that

              have eluded us till now. Like how

              to combat war! Like how to combat

              poverty! Like how to combat

              injustice! Inequality! Lack of

              health care!





              The other Party has said that

              they’re the Party of the new

              America. The Party of real change.

              The Party of a better America. I

              think the eight or fourteen years

              we’ve given them to show whether

              their Republican revolution works

              or not has been enough to show…

                   (very emphatic)

              It does not work!!!!


HUGE APPLAUSE and CHEERING, as she smiles.



              So now that their time is up, they

              accuse us of going back to what

              they call the era of big government

              since they can’t really find

              anything wrong with Democratic

              government, government of, by and

              for the people!!


CHEERING starts up and continues through the next couple of sentences.



              With true equality! With true

              opportunity! With true prosperity

              where all can move up in society,

              where the rich become richer and

              the poor become more affluent at

              the same time.  So I have this to

              say in return. First of all, we’ll

              never move backward, only forward,

              which is the direction we’ve always

              moved in. But they wouldn’t know

              that since they’ve always been

              moving in the other direction. And

              the second thing I have to say is

              this: The time of big government

              of, by and for profit-hungry

              billionaires who pollute the

              environment, heat up the globe,

              take more money out of your pockets

              and put all of us at increased risk

              of terrorism in the lands whose oil

              they plunder, is over, and the time

              of government that protects, serves

              and is run by the people, by you

              and me, is long overdue and I

              promise you, you will have to wait

              no longer! The time for the abuse

              of our people, young and old, is

              over! It’s time for a change!




              But I’m not here to make a laundry

              list of all the problems the

              Republicans have given us in these

              long, dark years; I think that’s

              pretty obvious for anyone to see.

              What I am here to do is to present

              the real and workable solutions

              that I and my administration will

              bring to every situation. It’s easy

              to criticize and it’s easy to find

              fault with the other guy. But I’d

              like to challenge my opponent to

              show us something constructive that

              he and his administration will do

              to get us out of this huge mess we

              have in every area of society. What

              drastic changes that America is

              crying out for will you implement,

              Senator Blik? I’ll tell you what I

              will do. First, as I’ve said before,

              I will put together an

              administration rooted in all

              sectors of society, one in which

              many different ideas will be

              presented and discussed and sifted

              through together as we work

              together to solve all the many huge

              crises we now face. I have spoken,

              as has my fine running mate, the

              great governor of California, Bill

              Parker, about the multifaceted

              approach which is the only solution

              to both the war on terror and the

              war in Iraq, one which includes

              both showing resolve to protect

              America and keep all our citizens

              safe at all times as well as the

              greatness of heart and strength of

              character to weaken the impulse

              toward terror by strengthening the

              hand and the mouth of diplomacy,

              outreach and education. In economic

              policy, we must restore and build

              upon the balance that one of our

              greatest Presidents, Franklin

              Delano Roosevelt created, improved

              and built upon by Presidents

              Kennedy and Johnson—that is, the

              balance between the free exercise

              of capital and the guided hand of

              government to protect those with

              less capital—the vast majority of

              Americans—from excesses and abuses

              of power. The goal should always be

              for competition to flourish, and we

              need to step in and make sure that

              a truly free business climate can

              exist for all, not just for the

              strongest, those who can bully

              their weaker competitors out of

              the market. When we step in and

              protect Americans from monopolistic

              practices of conglomerates and

              oligarchies, we are protecting them

              from not being able to afford the

              medical care they so desperately

              and vitally need. We are protecting

              them from being at the mercy of

              high gas and oil prices. And in so

              doing, we are helping keep the

              price of so many other things,

              basic necessities such as food,

              clothing and shelter, at a

              comfortable level for all Americans

              so that they can go back to working

              one job instead of two, so that

              they can take a vacation, so that

              they can work a 40 hour instead of

              a 60 or an 80 hour week, so they

              can enjoy their life for a change

              instead of being practically

              enslaved in survival mode. So that

              we can slow down instead of speed

              up global warming and thereby

              protect the lives of countless

              generations who will follow us.

              So that a good education can be

              affordable for all Americans and

              not just for the tiny few who are

              privileged enough to afford it.

              So that young people can enjoy

              learning for its own sake, for

              enrichment as a human being instead

              of being at the mercy of having to

              get a degree in a field that’s

              employable, worrying and losing

              sleep over getting a grade and then

              dropping out if they can’t make the

              cut. And so that our men and women

              in uniform don’t get short-changed

              during enlistment or when they

              return home. Our true commitment to

              the cause we declare, putting many

              in harm’s way in the process, is

              measured by how much of our own

              butts we are willing to put on the

              line. We should never ask our young

              to do what we won’t do first. As

              commander-in-chief, I will walk

              ahead of my soldiers, not behind

              them. My administration will make

              sure that every man and woman we

              send to harm’s way will be

              fortified not only with the best

              equipment and armor but with a

              combined force that includes the

              many prongs of winning the war

              on terror—a most up-to-date and

              sophisticated, both technologically

              and culturally, intelligence team

              that includes native-born Middle

              Easterners as well as the most

              sophisticated, cultivated and

              experienced team of diplomats, who

              can find ways to link cultures and

              thereby prevent the need for

              violence except where absolutely

              necessary to save and protect life,

              along with a massive outreach

              program together with governments

              in the areas that involves

              education and broadening awareness

              of young people in those regions.

              Today, the recruits of terrorist

              groups who are sent to take their

              own lives are people that grow up

              bereft of hope, where advancement

              is out of the question. I intend to

              change that, working firmly and

              determinedly with our allies in the

              region to present every young

              person with the opportunity to

              advance and become somebody

              important with something to

              contribute in society.




              But the time for the abuse of our

              people, young and old, is over!

              It’s time for a change! And that

              change is now! 





                   (sweating slightly

                   but keeping her poise)

              Now, that doesn’t mean that once I

              take office everything is going to

              magically change for the better. We

              have barely begun to feel the

              effects of the unspeakable and

              despicable damage this

              irresponsible Republican government

              has caused America in the last

              several years. That’s the thing

              about policies. While destructive

              policies that work against the

              people are being implemented, the

              people are still enjoying the great

              benefits wrought by the policies of

              the previous administration. And

              while constructive and effective

              policies are being implemented by

              my administration, the effects of

              the damage done in the last few

              years will be impossible to

              eliminate completely. I know you

              want to hear me say everything will

              be better and we’ll awaken from

              this terrible nightmare. But I’m

              not going to make false promises.

              I’ll square away with you and tell

              you that tough times lie ahead.


A tense QUIET seems to pervade the Astrodome. Mike, in a seat, looks slightly up, alarmed.



              But the good news is that in my

              administration, there will be hope

              and things will start to change for

              the better even as we deal with the

              horrendous situation our political

              opponents have created in Iraq as

              well as in our debt-ridden economy.

              If you elect the Republican

              candidate, both in the White House

              and in the two houses of Congress,

              I guarantee you that the

              consequences that lie ahead won’t

              even be able to adequately

              described by the word “dire”, as

              more and more Americans die in an

              endless war, a war for profit and

              greed, as more and more Americans

              die from being unable to afford

              medicines that could save their

              lives, as insurance and

              pharmaceutical companies put profit

              and greed before the basic human

              obligation to protect our fellow

              human beings from the hand of

              death. The Republicans have made a

              big mess of our country and of our

              lives. And cleaning it up won’t be

              fun, easy or glamorous. But I’m

              going to make damn sure that we do

              it for ourselves, for our parents

              who brought us into this world and

              for our children, to whom we owe a

              much, much better world. Together

              we can pitch in and help clean up

              America. Together we can pitch in

              and help heal America from the

              assault she has suffered from her

              enemies, both foreign and domestic.

              And together we can pitch in and

              help heal the great earth which God

              has created and which has given life

              to us so that future generations

              have the hope of living in a better,

              sustainable world. And together we

              can pitch in and work together to

              put out the flames of hatred, war

              and bitter conflict in all lands so

              that we can not only live together

              as a human race, but so that we can

              survive the unthinkable horror that

              will await us if we allow the human

              spirit to become so warped as to

              think nothing of taking the life of

              another human being that one would

              take even one’s own life in the

              process—the chemical, biological

              and nuclear holocaust that would

              surely come to all on the planet—

              God’s reluctant retribution for our

              not having fulfilled His mandate

              for us to love all our fellow human

              beings, His creation. To be sure,

              we will be prepared to defend life

              when and if necessary. As a mother

              of two children, believe me, when I

              feel threat to my children, I will

              not hesitate to defend them and to

              quickly remove them from harm’s

              way. That is the natural attitude I

              have about my fellow citizens, and

              a mother, more than anyone, will

              not hesitate to do what needs to be

              done to make sure all those she is

              responsible for are safe. Yes, I

              will make sure America is safe,

              whatever it takes to do so. But I

              will use my brains and not lock us

              blindly into a war of non-ending

              combat. Moreover, I will cut the

              purse strings of greedy contractors

              and oil executives so that our sole

              aim in any military action will be

              to defend America from true danger,

              and never to take advantage of the

              fear or trust of people of good

              intention to make a profit. Such

              behavior is despicable and treasonous!





              Any action that puts any American

              unnecessarily in harm’s way,

              whether for the sake of profit in

              the middle of combat or for the

              sake of profit here at home, forcing

              Americans to go without medical

              treatment that would save their

              lives, is treasonous and will

              never, ever be allowed so long as I

              am President of these United

              States. That is why you must send

              to Congress my fellow Democrats who

              will work for you and not for

              greedy profiteers so that we can

              work together to move America

              forward and to make the dream and

              the hope of our founders come alive.

              America, I’m ready to work for you

              and with you for this glorious day.

              Let’s show them what we’re made of

              and let’s make America proud and

              full of hope for all once again!

              Thank you! Thank you!


The Astrodome resounds with THUNDEROUS CHERRING AND APPLAUSE. 



Poem to November 18 – Climbing the Mountain of Victory

Poem to November 18 - Climbing the Mountain of Victory

I can feel myself climbing the Mountain of Victory!
I can feel myself reaching the Summit of Happiness!
I can feel myself finally in alignment with All!
As perfectly balanced as the Great Sun of the Lotus of Myoho
and the Great Peak of the Summit of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo,
bathed in the cool swathe of the daimoku of centuries,
able to withstand with great composure and fortitute,
the onslaughts and assaults of the enemies of the Lotus Sutra at its base!