“Youth is a bat…

“Youth is a battlefield upon which suffering and hope contend. Which will win? Hope must prevail by all means! That is because, no matter how great your suffering may be, you were born to win. So long as you do not lose hope, dawn will definitely come.” (Discussions on Youth, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda, p403)

I would contend that it is not only youth that this applies to but all of humankind, each and every person, the drama of human history. It has been the battle fought in every epic story, in every civilization. The key is that when people are hopeful, optimistic and caring, society inevitably prospers and all is well. However, if we live in an age in which society is declining, people are suffering and violence and bad weather abound, it is time to check the attitude of people, starting with our own. Are we hopeful or are we sulky, cynical and apathetic? Are we caring or are we so self-absorbed that we forget there are other people? Are we appreciative of the gifts life and people have bestowed on us or are we annoyed that they are present in our life? Which of these we choose will determine whether we will be happy and surrounded by good fortune or whether we’ll be miserable and surrounded by terrible misfortune. Sages have taught this throughout the ages and yet, sadly, so few have benefited from this treasure that is in their own life, every person without exception.


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