Dear friend, acquaintance and stranger,


Hi, how are you? I hope you are doing really well. My name is Marc Ginsburg and I live in The United States, in New Jersey. Three years ago, I met a woman online, who lives in Rizal Province in The Philippines. After some wonderful Facebook correspondence and eventually meeting each other daily in Skype, we decided we very much want to start a life together.  However, between us, we cannot afford all it will take to do so. I wanted to start a Kickstarter campaign but you’re only allowed to use Kickstarter for an artistic project. People are only so happy to give to a story about two imaginary people falling in love. But what about two real people who love each other with all their hearts? That’s considered artistically and philanthropically incorrect, so we must struggle on our own to raise funds to enable us to finally be able to be together and consummate our love and live happily ever after. If you could only spend a minute with Susana, you’d very much want to help us be together, so beautiful and gentle and kind and thoughtful a person she is. And this is not just my opinion. Everyone who has met her, not just online but live, has said she is so sweet and so wonderful, a great friend.


For this reason, I am writing to appeal to the kindness of strangers, friends and acquaintances alike to contribute to the MARC AND SUSAN A FUND FOR LOVE. Love is the best thing when it is with someone beautiful and wonderful and no one is more wonderful to me than Susana, whose heart is pure and who has been with me, patiently expressing her love through notes, stickers, YouTube videos, and by sitting patiently with me on Skype while I write my stories (the things that Kickstarter will actually allow me to fund) and take care of business before I have to go off to work, for these past three years. It is not easy for two poor people to love each other from New Jersey to Rizal Province, Philippines, where my day is her night and her day is my night.


If you believe in love, I hope you will find it in your heart to contribute to this exciting project because when two people truly love each other, they naturally give so much more to so many other people and share the happiness they gain with each other on others. If everybody had a healthy and fulfilling love in their life, I am convinced that this world would be free of war, free of poverty and everyone would work together as one big happy family since we all have so much more in common than we don’t, the desire for love being one of the most prominent.



Now here is my conservative estimate for the fund:

Passport:                                              950 Philippine pesos[1] [2] =                $209 US

Medical Clearance:                                                                                  $223.35 US[3]

Annulment of her marriage in Philippines[4]

                psychological evaluation (“15,000 pesos to as high as 40,000 pesos”[5] ) = $6.05US

            Susana has a friend whose uncle is an attorney and is willing to charge a lower fee, the resulting costs will come to 90,000 Philippine pesos =        $21,780 US

Flight to US                                                                                           $947.00[6]  US        

Marriage License in New Jersey                                                            $28.00[7]        

Permanent Residency                                                                           $985[8]

FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF                      $24,178.40US


Now even though this amount is large, my goal is for many, many people to contribute $1 here, $1 there, $5 here, $10 there, maybe $100 because you believe so much in love and know how good it feels and can part with it (the $100 that is, not the love, LOL).  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The same heart that is yearning so desperately to be with the woman whose heart is yearning equally desperately to be with me and to shower happiness upon her.


Now I am not a rich fat-cat operation so I can’t offer a tax deduction nor can I accept credit card payments. Unfortunately, you’ll have to send the money the old fashioned way to my address, which I will give you when you respond. Please specify how much you are sending.


Supporting love is a cause to root out suffering in society, bring about good and create peace in the world. So I hope you will take this opportunity to support peace in the world by supporting love. Please let me know how much you pledge and I will tell you where to send it.


Lastly, since this is a Kickstarter campaign:

a)      If I cannot raise the full amount needed, I will refund each and every one of you the amount you sent.

b)      If I go over the amount needed, each of you will be refunded that percentage of the total amount contributed that you contributed so everyone gets a proportionately equal refund.

And very lastly please

a)      Pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested in contributing to the fund; and

b)      Please translate this letter into your language for people who can’t speak English so they can have the opportunity to contribute.

Thank you, and again, from the bottom of my heart and Susana’s I deeply appreciate your help.




Marc Ginsburg

[4]     from an abusive husband who cheated on her with many women, leaving her to flee for safety carrying her 2-year-old daughter, who she single-handedly raised to become a fine young woman soon to complete her education for a business degree.

The Day The World Almost Came To An End….And Still Might…But Doesn’t Have To

I found the article below as I am compiling my “BODY OF WORK” document to accompany my submission of my screenplay and digging up items to list on this resume. This is an article I wrote on the day someone had predicted the world was going to come to an end. I was impressed so decided to share it with you. Please read and enjoy. Credits for the accompanying photograph belong to Grace Palma Morris.


The Day The World Almost Came To An End….And Still Might…But Doesn’t Have To


As raging winds of a massive storm that is currently sweeping across a great part of the United States howl outside my window shortly after the winter solstice earlier at 6:10 AM Eastern, the time that people believe the ancient Mayans predicted the world would come to an end, three hours before 20 children and 6 adults are remembered in in Newtown, Connecticut, in a “sacred” moment commemorating a moment that was anything but sacred one week ago, it is clear that something in our world is way out of whack and that maybe there is something to this prediction that eludes literal interpretation yet stands up to meaningful reflection. That the symptoms of climate change are real is something no one, especially anyone over 20, such as myself, who remembers very different weather patterns in my earlier life, can deny, whether or not they attribute it to something external to the causes humans have made or directly related to them. That more children are killing other children, as well as themselves, is a fact that is a glaring reality. That our system of government has debilitated to the point of, practically speaking, falling apart altogether, as the very ideologically divided members of it seem unable to work out a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” is another undeniable reality, whether you attribute it to the enormity of the size of the money pouring into the people who get elected to its offices long before they actually get elected, or to the size of the government itself.


If any reality has made itself screamingly apparent on this day, December 21, 2012, it is that out entire planet is terribly unbalanced in a way that goes deeper and larger than any of these individual phenomena. Any thinking person cannot help but question the thinking that led our civilization to this point we’re at now and wonder if indeed we are, if not having created, taking part helplessly in our own demise. For every disease that we’ve eradicated, a new one has taken its place. The hardships of survival on the plains of life before oil, gas, steam and electricity have been replaced by the hardships of survival in the dizzying fast paced life of job-killing automation, split-second news cycles and a social environment that is enslaved to a technological forum we barely comprehend. It does indeed seem as though we’ve gotten nowhere and that our progress has really been circular, leading us right back to where we started from, or—worse—off the edge of that looming cliff of no return.


I think it is entirely possible that the world may be coming to an end and that today can perhaps be said to be the day all the factors that have already been happening have led it to the point of no return, or at least the day we’ve epiphanically become aware of that fact. However, I also believe we really don’t know if it’s the end, a new beginning, or simply a turning point, this day that is already an annual turning point when winter begins, the roughest season, yet the day starts to get longer, the day, as put by an author for the PBS series nature, “when the light has won over the darkness”. Or, as another person once said, because it is we ourselves who have created the mess, we therefore have the power to fix it. Yes, it is true that it is easier for us to destroy than to create, to make war than to make peace. But that does not make it impossible.


We have always been an experimenter. We’ve tried different ways to make our lives better. That is the better part of us. But we’ve forgotten that there is a worse part of our makeup too, and that worse part is the part that makes us forget about itself. Hubrically, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments—great accomplishments indeed—while losing the humility to remember that they are but works in progress. The founders of the United States said, “In order to form a more perfect union…”, in the preamble to our Constitution. They understood that perfection is an illusion and that we can only become more perfect than we were yesterday and hopefully reflect on the new progress we’ve made, tweak that and search for an even better, more perfect way to unite and accomplish something great. Perhaps we’re brought back full round in circle when we lose both our perspective and our humility.


Therefore I think the solution is not in going back to the way we did things before nor in just keeping on doing things the way we are now. We need to both respect the wisdom of our elders, our forbears while priding ourselves on the achievements of our own generation, but mostly to work together with our children to find the balance we’ve so desperately lost, not avoiding them and thereby leaving them to copy our own shortsightedness and go down that slippery maze from which they may or may not find the way out, but to unite. The preamble to our Constitution contains the word “union” after the word “more perfect”. We need to come together with a new understanding of what the word “union” really means. We have become afraid of losing ourselves and our freedom in uniting, something that has been the bedrock of our progress in the past. But “union” does not mean the merging of different people into one homogenous, unitary group of individuals, but instead a dynamic association of people, each with his or her own distinct nature and personality, all bringing something to the group effort to move our species and our planet forward along a plane of new understanding. I think more than ever now is the time when the happiness of each of us is dependent on the ability of all of us to work together instead of at cross-purposes with each other in order to solve the problems that confront us and, through our association, naturally come to feel that we are important, we mean something to each other and that having is far less important than sharing, the essential ingredient of love, and that therefore, we also have the ability to share with and be responsible for our planet and all life on it, not merely for their but for all of our sustained growth and living, and that we can reverse this maddening course we have been setting ourselves on by thinking only of what we can get from it as we draw heavy upon its offerings while returning nothing back, but instead can offer back by living lightly and with a smile.


Most of all, what is needed is the restoration of optimism, the belief that nothing is too hard or too impossible for us to overcome. Unfortunately, while toward the end of the 19th century, it seemed that America abounded with people who thought that nothing was unachievable, nowadays, the voices of people resound with hopelessness, with the ironclad belief that the good things “will never happen” and that we really are way beyond the point of no return. This majority of people really believe they have no power and have resigned themselves to it. It is heart-wrenching to know that 200 years ago, people who had far less political power than these Americans do today, believed they had more and actually did something to change their reality, while those today contribute to worsening the problem by believing they can do nothing and therefore doing nothing. So if you want to know where your worst enemy is and where to start helping this world turn around, look no further. It is within you that the answer and the solution lies. So let’s start now. “Il nous faut cultiver notre jardin”.Image

The Name of Integrity

The Name of Integrity

“I have heard that Dr. King once told his good friend Harvey Cox that he actually wanted to be a theology and religion professor. However, he ultimately chose the arduous path of leading the civil rights movement.” (Daisaku Ikeda)
“One of the reasons I have profound admiration for Dr. King is that when he finished his doctorate at Boston University, he was well qualified to become a pastor of a large, comfortable congregation in any of the northern states, but instead, he and his wife, Coretta Scott King, returned to the South to put all their efforts into bringing about change on their native ground.” (Vincent Harding)
“In the midst of [a] stormy period of racial violence, Dr. King fearlessly declared, ‘I still have a dream, because, you know, you can’t give up on life.’ The power of Dr. King’s unyielding convictions–the power of hope to win over every difficulty–is sorely needed in today’s world.” (Ikeda)

From “America Will Be – Conversations on Hope, Freedom and Democracy”

Dr. King Today

Martin_Luther Ling_994109_10152148040023118_1460184816_n

Economic tyranny is just as brutal as political tyranny. In fact, more people have traded their right to say and do whatever they want for one loaf of bread. Were Dr. King alive today, not only would he dump all of John Boehner’s, Rand
Paul’s, Scott Walker’s, Ted Cruz’, Marco Rubio’s, Eric Cantor’s and Paul Ryan’s Tea into the harbor, he’d speak out loudly against today’s pervasive bullying even though everyone loves a bully like Chris Christie he or she fears as long as he or she’s not the victim (until one shows up among New Jersey’s mayors and then all of a sudden all the other formerly silent mayors get the courage to speak out). Dr. King would be the lone friend of all those victimized, unpopular, shattering the silence.