Dr. King Today


Martin_Luther Ling_994109_10152148040023118_1460184816_n

Economic tyranny is just as brutal as political tyranny. In fact, more people have traded their right to say and do whatever they want for one loaf of bread. Were Dr. King alive today, not only would he dump all of John Boehner’s, Rand
Paul’s, Scott Walker’s, Ted Cruz’, Marco Rubio’s, Eric Cantor’s and Paul Ryan’s Tea into the harbor, he’d speak out loudly against today’s pervasive bullying even though everyone loves a bully like Chris Christie he or she fears as long as he or she’s not the victim (until one shows up among New Jersey’s mayors and then all of a sudden all the other formerly silent mayors get the courage to speak out). Dr. King would be the lone friend of all those victimized, unpopular, shattering the silence.


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