Love is a deep dark cavern.

Today around 11 AM:
Love is a deep dark cavern.
I’m sorry folks I can’t tell you there’s any love that’s clean.
Love will turn you inside out whether you take the chance or not.
As millions have famously observed, love is blind, love is cruel, love’s so tender, then you’re played the fool.
No one escapes love’s pain.
Whether it’s the regret of playing it safe
Or the discovery of deception
Or the pain of death
No one can avoid the pain of love.
You can run but it will find you
In another form after you’ve dumped off the last.
You thought you had it all figured out.
In the end,
love really does conquer all. So be prepared.


Nuclear impotence

We used to have fist fights, then sword fights, then gun fights, then bomb fights. But now nuclear weapons has made fighting meaningless. Their presence can be the portal to peace. Because they haven’t rendered nations and large entities impotent. They have rendered human beings impotent. The worse, most fearful enemy of each of us is the nation, the corporations that pay for these massive stockpiles.