Both neither truths are correct

Mastering, Buddhism — Mastering Life requires that you process two very different, conflicting truths as one truth. And live with it not trying to justify it but to understand it.


2 comments on “Both neither truths are correct

  1. marcginsburg says:

    Was a thing punishment for slander? Or was it the obstacle that proves correct practice? There is no one simple answer. Our life contains both good and evil at every moment so how could not be both? Figuring it out is the hard part but that we must do and keep living, trying our best to eradicate the slander and embrace the reality of the reward, inside which is the obstacle, and the obstacle inside which is the reward.

  2. marcginsburg says:

    Was this relationship bad and that’s why it had to end? Or was I–or she–not giving enough and therefore we lost the opportunity for a good relationship? The truth is it was bad because we couldn’t give enough but it was a positive learning experience. Every relationship can work if you’re willing to make it so. Every relationship can be saved. But the point of life is not to live for a relationship. The point of life is to live for your own individual happiness and for world peace. Sometimes you have to lose a relationship because your partner cuts it off and you have no option but to find the value in what has happened. And other times you have to penetratingly ask yourself, am I in a relationship that supports my happiness and world peace or is this relationship zapping both? And then you have to make the right decision. To put what Kenny Rogers once said in a very different way, you have to know when to put all your energies into saving a relationship and you have to also know when it’s time to cut loose for your sake—and most likely for your partner’s sake even though he or she can’t see it.

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