OK, here’s the thing:

I make it a point to greet everybody I meet and offer the pleasantness of a smile, a hello, a how are you, something to brighten their day.

In return, I get mostly very friendly responses.

But sometimes I get duds, like my ball deflated and didn’t bounce but just hit the ground flat.

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling not to have your effort toward another unreturned.

It’s actually more uncomfortable for many to just not greet people so they don’t have to go through unrequited waves of happiness.

But here’s the thing with me:

Years ago, I became an SGI Buddhist.

Another name for an SGI Buddhist is Bodhisattva of the Earth.

Another name for Bodhisattva of the Earth is an ordinary individual human being who believes in the absolutely wonderful and unlimited potential of each individual to live an…

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