Visions of Joanna

She walks off in the other direction, up in the distance.
Should I go run after her?
No I can’t. We don’t know each other that well.
That’s two times I couldn’t give her the letter.
How long will this go on?
If only the right situation could present itself.
But it never does. Something’s always just not right about it
To give her something so tender as that letter
That contains my sensitive, silly heart.
I know she loves me too.
Or maybe it’s just a mirage. And she just likes me.
I don’t want to make a fool of myself.
But I want so much to make it happen, to fast forward to love
Maybe it needs to be like this
Because each moment of tentativeness,
Of unsurety,
Of feeling silly inside,
Of almost making that next step of contact yet not,
Enshrines it in a vale of perfection
That when the moment finally comes…………………..
the moments……………..come,
Each one in its time,
It will make everything before it pale
And seem like, “Wow! I can’t believe I can be so happy

with you…………………………..


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