The Sound of One Hand Clapping

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

It is the sound of sadness,

Of being alone whether in a crowd

Or alone inside a cloud.

It is the sound of one person not connecting,

It is the sound of seeing without being seen.

It is the sound of not knowing how,

Not knowing where to go,

Not finding that special place inside a person

That makes them light up the bridge of love.

It is the sound of ten times as much effort

When you’re met halfway for a bounce.

It is having to try in vain to do all the work

Which feels one quarter as much when shared by two.

It is two people not being two.

It is one person unable to be more than one.

Which can never succeed because

Two by its nature gels into one

Whereas more than one has but the power of none.

That is the sound of one hand clapping.

So don’t strain to listen

Because you’ll never hear it.

Instead, find that other hand.

It’s much easier to do.

And together create a symphony well compensated.

Marc Ginsburg May 24, 2014



One Hand Clapping Response:


Do not despair over one hand clapping.

Instead ask yourself

Why am I doing this?

Why does a one-hand clap

Seem not like a snap

But rather a slap?

Because the clap itself is not enough.

Study the reality of the situation.

Your one hand without fail

Goes out when there is no other.

You must change.

Instead of each clap,

Make it a wave~!


Although a wave may not make a sound, it silently reverberates widely outward into the world, producing a myriad of vibrations, the elemental particles of what we hear as sound, in a way that a silent one-handed clap can never. That is because a wave connects with the fundamental pulse and rhythm of the universe, whereas a one-handed clap misses it. A two-handed clap is a limited fulfillment of the unlimited vibration the silent wave emits that continues………………………………………


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