…..Mi’es speech continued….The American Spirit at Its Best

“…whether it was the determination to form, out of 13 newly independent sovereign states, one united sovereign nation

…or the determination to expand the greatness that was this unique democratic people’s nation to cover this entire, vast, pristine continent and build upon it the greatness that humans are capable of if given the chance

…whether it was the boldness to determine to expand the democratic rights enjoyed only by some, to be inclusive  by freeing those subjugated to brutal slavery because they knew America could be a much greater nation built in total universal freedom

…whether they had the vision to dare to build new things and revolutionize how people lived, opening up a new frontier for more people than ever before

…whether it was the guts to face the worst time of dire hunger and poverty for millions and believe in a new system that could turn it all around by ensuring that everyone—anyone—got a helping hand when they needed it, thus making the American dream live again for so many who had abandoned all hope

…whether it was the courage to come to the aid of people brutalized by human savagery, and, in doing so, inspire the flame of democracyhuman dignityto come alive in so many places that had not known it

…to determine to take on scientific and humanitarian endeavors not only far beyond our borders but deep into outer space by determining to land a man on the moon by the end of one decade


…or to make an equally bold determination to face the crisis of climate change by determining to be totally dependent only on clean energy by the end of this decade

and thus to show what we Americans are really capable of

that is America I’m talking about!


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