Youth Are Pure


Youth are pure                                 Older people are manipulating

Youth are passionate                      Older people are calculating

Youth are trusting                            Older people are suspecting

Youth are rule-breaking                  Older people are slaves to senseless rules and customs

Youth are independent thinking   Older people think in pithy sayings and loyally obey cliché

Youth are wild                                  Older people are boring

Youth go by what feels right         Older people go by what sounds right

Youth create                                    Older people dissect (Look, I’m doing it now)

Youth live                                         Older people coast

Youth take seriously what we say Older people take seriously what we don’t say

–             –     –     –     –


Authoritarian leaders exploit the youth,

“Look down on them as inferior; they oppress their juniors.

“But true leaders love and nurture the youth;

“They constantly strive to help their juniors grow and develop

“Into people more able, more accomplished than themselves.”1



Age is not a number.

Youth are pure. Therefore the pure are young.

How old are you?

By thinking in all those ways in the right hand column,

By believing life is limited,

By feeling helpless,

By feeling superior,

By being miserable,

By complaining.

That’s—in all those ways—

How you are old.


How young are you?





The Eternal Triumph of Mentor and Disciple”, SGI Pres .Daisaku Ikeda


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