Is Buddhism a religion?

Sunday, July 20, 2014: Is Buddhism a religion? If, by religion, you mean belief in God, then no definitely not. It is no more a religion than yoga is a religion. And Nichiren, SGI Buddhism is way more radically different from traditional Buddhism than Christianity is from Judaism. So it is not even “Buddhist” the way people in the West understand “Buddhist”. If it were, then Christianity is no more than a branch of Judaism, not a separate religion.


2 comments on “Is Buddhism a religion?

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    • marcginsburg says:

      I’m sorry but can you send me the context of this statement? Or question? I think you might want to consider ejaculations much more mindful than the one you listed out of complete and sheer ignorance, like an ejaculation that is miles away from the woman who inspired it. Please research your subject more fully and take the chance to experience it in your life firsthand before you develop a hate that is both unconsummated and unrequited.

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