It’s not about wanting to be better looking than anyone else. Nor is it really about being desired by more than one woman at the same time. That’s just the method, the expedient means my lack of confidence in myself is causing me to see as necessary, in order to get what I really want: to be loved by someone else who’s beautiful, some ONE else. So, just as the Buddha bravely discarded His expedient means by saying that he really didn’t undergo countless virtually impossible to do tasks over many lifetimes to achieve His enlightenment but that He had always been enlightened, but instead was always doing the simple, kind act of practicing the bodhisattva way, so too must I bravely chant to discard those expedient means of my own—i.e. to be better looking, to have more women than others loving me, and open up within myself my absolute, unstoppable self-confidence by simply loving myself and loving others freely and without reservation.


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