How SGI Buddhism unlocked me out of that guilt

Tuesday, September 2, 2014: The great thing about Nichiren Buddhism in the SGI is that I don’t have to feel morally better or beat myself up so I can justify myself to anybody. As long as I do my best to chant to the best of my ability—not anyone else’s high-falutin standard of correct practice—and strive to absorb and live with Sensei’s guidance, I can live as the asshole I really am with no pressure, being honest that I’m selfish, greedy and only want to do things for others in order to be loved in return or because I know my Buddhist practice will enable me to do things that help, support, sustain and better the lives of others whereas beating myself up trying or pretending to be someone I’m not won’t do anyone the least damn bit of good and will continue to get me really sick and in tons of the same physical pain I’ve known for years. But because I’ve given all that pressure up, my daimoku feels better and I can feel something beginning to break that will enable me to gather the treasure on the other side that is neither selfish nor selfless but is a soothing bath of fortune I and others can fully immerse ourselves in and enjoy together freely.


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