Single Strides

Her eyes alight as though sweet little girl dew in the mist of the gentle morning sunshine,

from behind the veil of her hair that shrouds her face in mystery,

suggesting and enchantment far beyond the years of a girl.

These are eyes that dart faster and farther into ironclad determination,

blazing upon the world and thereby fertilizing the flower of inner strength.

You are at once her fancy’s object and in the way. Her life is ahead of her.

She has much to accomplish, so much to unravel, so much to put together,

so much peace waiting to be hers, so much love waiting to be just right.

So magical is her power, she is the bee, the sun and the flower.

So where do you stand? Of that she’s not sure.

But leave her alone if you’re just here for a few rides.

This girl’s mission right now is in taking long, single strides.


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