She has a smile that lights up a thousand worlds.

Her soothing voice charms a thousands hearts.

Locked away high in her castle, she longs for her honey.

But he is far away and a $25,000 ransom sits on her head,

Immovable, the wall shutting out her love while shutting her in,

Stands iron firm, stone firm, cold and unyielding,

Like a jewel-filled safe in a vault.

The warden will permit one visit only,

And then wait another two years.

But her heart will not permit a light second-hand love on the fly as a way-station.

Her heart is only for the strong of heart,

The man willing to suffer the pains and slings of loneliness,

Vaster than a barren desert,

With oases of love scarce and far between.

She longs for her honey, trusting far more in him than he deserves.


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