Movie: The UN-CULT

Movie: The UN-CULT: about life lived in this society and all the bullying and assuming that goes on to the detriment of those who try to live honestly and rationally. The separate lives of 6 people, all brought to their death, one of them a teen suicide from the bullying which most people her age think is normal and a rite of passage, another  a young African-American man in Florida named Bravon (pronounced Brave-on) who is shot and killed by a middle aged middle class white man who assumes Bravon has a gun (which he doesn’t) and is about to murder him, who goes to trail and….you can fill in the rest of this UN-CULT member, as there are so many news stories about such middle aged white men in this society. The movie, by the way, has nothing to do with race; the teen suicide is white, upper middle class and suburban.
Prologue: There are many cults in this world. Many of them are extremely dangerous. But the most dangerous of all is. . .THE UN-CULT!


Respect and Human Rights Go Hand in Hand

“Everyone has a right to flower, to reveal his or her full potential as a human being, to fulfill his or her mission in this world. You have this right, and so does everyone else. This is the meaning of human rights. To scorn, violate and abuse people’s human rights destroys the natural order of things. Prizing human rights and respecting others are among our most important tasks.”-Daisaku Ikeda

A mon amour

Je veux que ton esprit rester libre
Mais je veux harder tons jeune et belle corps dans mes bras en lemien a jamais,
tons esprit librement dirigant mon corps.

(resteR pas resteD,, ah mon dieu que la phone se corrige en anglais mais ne sait pas la langue dans lequel nous sommes, Ayyy!)