DNC Chairman

To my friends and all lovers of politics and humanity: To hate politics is to hate humanity, ordinary everyday people, their empowerment as total equals with no one above or below. To hate government is to hate government of, by and for ordinary, everyday people, in short, it is to hate humanity and care only about oneself. I have always been a lover of equality, with the passion of Thomas Jefferson and the courage of George Washington running through my veins. I created out of myself and Bradley Whitford’s West Wing character, Josh Lyman, the character of Mike Greenbaum, the fictitious chairman of the Democratic National Committee and a man whose passions ran for and with all people, as he challenged the laziness, greed and status quo of political power as well as his own brittle diabetes and the effect it had on his relationship with the woman he loved. I have so much wanted to see this story come to life on the screen and now I am going to serialize it scene by scene so that you can be inspired and help me contact the right people to make this movie project happen. So sit back, grab your favorite snack and enjoy and be moved by a story that cuts to and through the core of human beings.


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