The Collected Writings Of Marc Ginsburg

Dear Friends,
I would like to write a new book compiling all the things I have written in a million places besides actual books, stories and movie scripts. This book is the inside of my head and the outside of the world. Please check out this overleaf and let me know your interest in helping me publish it.

The Collected Writings Of Marc Ginsburg


Many more editions to follow


I am in prison right now. But it is not the prison where you have all the time on your hands because you can’t do anything else. The prison I’m in is the prison of corporate capitalism (not regular capitalism of equals which is the good, 18th century kind, but the kind) that enslaves people to a life of having to spend most of their 24 hours doing things they don’t want to do, leaving very little time, if any, for them to do things they want to do, like write, edit, publish and promote a book, or make love to their and some lucky woman’s hearts’ content. Therefore, what you will read is the tiny percentage of what I know, what I feel, what I think, what I’ve been and what I propose that I was lucky enough to squeeze down on my notepad, my iPhone (which is really not an iPhone), my Facebook account, etc., etc……., when my boss wasn’t looking. I hope you enjoy it and hope you help me gain my freedom by telling as many people as you can about this book. Sharing is caring. Stingy is dingy.


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