My dear love ________,

Every day you write me another letter that breaks apart my soul and makes me long desperately for you. Like you, I long for that sun of love which is you to rise from the east and grace these shores of the great land of America and warm my bosom. And, in return for bringing your sun to my heart, I will return the moon and all those stars that you say you cannot look at to your heart and to your eyes as we gaze together on a moonlit night in the sky while holding each other close and promising never to let each other go ever.

I want you to call me on the telephone and I want you to let me know that you are definitely coming to see me for a visit but you are not calling me or making plans yet. Is it because, as you say, you want me to reveal my soul and you want me to see your inner state of mind? Is this why you hesitate to call or purchase the ticket? Do you need more time? I would like you to be brave and take the chance to bring us together. Yet if you don’t feel comfortable or ready yet to do that, I will respect you because I love you and I will continue to pour my heart and soul into each letter I write hoping that it makes you feel more secure and confident in who I am and in my love and wait until the time comes when you feel right.

Until then, my hands and arms and lips and bosom will long and ache for you while my heart dances for joy knowing that you are there loving me, my beautiful ________,

With all my heart,

Your lover


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