How Politics Became Obscene


March 27, 2016


What makes politics obscene―and everybody knows―or most everybody knows it is obscene―is that the Republicans have, over these past several decades, successfully demonized responsibility and taking responsibility as tyranny or dictatorship while lauding and touting the licentious freedom to use your economic power‒if you’re lucky to have it‒to dominate, squeeze out, starve and impoverish―to basically subjugate others using your obscene and licentious economic power in what amounts to slavery―as the real freedom to be desired―calling anyone who uses the power of the government of the United States of America that our founders gave us in 1789 to interfere with and stop that enslavement a tyrant or a dictator. When democratically elected government has been framed and objectified as the problem, the enemy to be taken down―as has definitely been the case since Ronald Reagan first did so in 1980―we are certainly in big trouble and in big danger. The enemy we won our independence from―tyranny―has now infiltrated our very system and deceived enough Americans into thinking it to be good, wonderful and desirous and to think that real democracy and protection from these very evil people as being communism, in order to enable them to continue strangling most of us economically under the legality of political freedom, the very freedom that puts us all in grave danger and which ends up having the same effect as the political tryanny of tyrants and dictators.


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