Perhaps the biggest devil for me among the 3O&4D (three obstacles and four devils) is the feeling that, because I’m not seeing most, if any, of the benefit I have been avidly chanting for and because almost none of the guests I am fervently chanting for are coming to meetings, my practice must be insufficient despite all my hard work, and therefore, the world won’t avoid the horror and nightmare most of us in it are creating every day. But seeing my fellow SGI members somehow having in their prayer the one thing that I am lacking gives me hope. Maybe my being born in this world was a total waste but at least I can take comfort that others’ more effective prayers will save the human race. And maybe my prayer won’t have been in vain after all. Who knows how many lives my chanting has saved? After all, Susana is standing up for kosen-rufu in her little corner of the Philippines because of me.

Marc Ginsburg, April 7, 2016


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