Humanity, Triumphant, The Bigger Person I Can Be

Now after Day 3 of the Convention, I cannot sleep. It may be partially because of the caffeine to get me through the work day after 2 days of Conventional late nights, but my body now feels too big, much larger with a much greater vision of how great humanity is and how so much larger we could be if we only believe in ourselves. I hear the resounding refrains of the great poet Frederich Schiller’s lines from his An De Freude, Ode To Joy, to peace, to humanity, to humanism immortalized by a simple melody by a man whose greatness as a simple human being cannot be fathomed or measured, Ludwig Van Beethoven, the Ode of Triumph that is repeated day after day in many variations in many different languages and cultures the world over, forming an even better and more perfect union right here in this great land of America known since ancient times better by its native inhabitants than anyone else but always welcoming the immigrants to its shores desiring to strive together triumphantly for not simply a decent but a better life via con mismo sol.


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