The media, not the election, is to blame. Democracy is great and precious and I will fight for her all the way!! Who’s with me?

​I don’t hate this election at all. Democracy is on the line battling tyranny, freedom is duking it out with enslavement, love trying to trump hate, equality and togetherness standing strong and proud to squash divisiveness and isolation. This is the proud legacy of this country from Day 1, July 4, 1776, and I’ll be damned if our internal enemies are going brainwash our good American people into hating the precious institution of our precious democracy. And yes it is the nature of democracy to border on perilous. Freedom and tolerance are not for the faint hearted of weak of spirit. They require constant and wise vigilance. 

NO IT IS NOT THE ELECTION THAT SICKENS ME. IT IS THE MEDIA, THAT VITAL INSTITUTION THAT RONALD REAGAN HANDED OVER TO THE RICH 1% THAT I SO DETEST AS A TOOL OF TYRANNY AND EVERYTHING OUR FOUNDERS FOUGHT AGAINST! I am sick of “milennials” of “college educated white people” (what an unexamined diverse group they lump me in with), of “suburban women”…… They know nothing of the pulse of the real American spirit and if all they come up with of comfort for us is that we’re all sick of democracy……..

Well, then it’s time for them for them to chuck their fucking focus groups and get unfocused for the next two days. Leave us alone and let us find out for ourselves that Hillary has more experience dialoging with world leaders, fighting for change based on what has been shown to work for real ordinary people, for everyone, not just some few who benefit from stealing our money through tax cuts for them, and working in the only place you have any hope creating the best and most results for the most people—within a system that has been extremely corrupt and working within which its impossible not to get dirt all over you—and retire for good the great child rapist dictator.


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