For my film, “Confessions Of A Writer”

​”You can feel the palpable loneliness as a writer when you stop hearing people say ‘You’re a good writer’, when they read the first few lines, decide it’s boring and either like the status because they like you or simply just move on…. when they respond to some word or phrase in what you said that’s a hot button word or phrase to them but has nothing to do with the idea you were trying to convey. Has it perhaps become the time that this great poet needs to reflect on his communication skills? Has he gotten too old for the people alive today, too out of touch? Have the times changed so fast that decades have become centuries, years decades, days years, such that it is like entering an entirely new planet, an undiscovered universe, to converse with the people today?”

-For my film, “Confessions Of A Writer”. Any producers interested?


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