This world is now in great trouble. Our minds have become deluded and crazed by the disconnect our industrial and technological advances have created severing us from nature and the earth that is struggling to try to support our very lives. Unless we change our priorities, our attention and our actions virtually immediately, we will soon go through unimaginable hell and then no longer exist. I sound this warning not because I’m a naysayer but because everything I am saying is true and more and more people are coming to realize this with each passing moment.


There are many things we all need to do right now as you read this and one of the most if not the most important is to eliminate national governments, national militaries, currency exchanges and wage discrepancies.

(to be continued)


Why I refuse to be “realistic” and kill hope

If you ask me what is my philosophy, I reply I am a man of extreme idealistic positive view of what is possible but I am also a man beset by emotional winds of the reality of life. Therein lies the dilemma. I am everyman. But unlike the person unable to live without a definite view about everything, a definite answer for everything, who invariably gives in to an adverse, pessimistic outlook because it is so much easier and more definitive, I would rather err on the side of believing in what has been less proven yet makes one come alive and the undying and undefeated hope that is possible in everyone, as long as they’re willing to be courageous and challenge reality.

Marc Ginsburg

February 3, 2017