Why Trump is doomed from the start and Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is SUPREME!

​I use Nam myoho renge kyo to stand up to the powerful because I don’t have any of the manipulation tools they have. All I can harnass is the even more powerful force of aligned nature and integrity. No army or empire have withstood integrity when harnassed by an aligned and clear minded group of people no matter how small. In fact, all armies and empires have been brought down by such. Today, because the world and society is moving and changing at such a frighteningly fast speed, the law of Nam myoho renge kyo is the one and only thing that can enable humans of truth and integrity to stay strong and integrated and bring the forces of evil. Trump’s very clever ability to brilliantly manipulate the corporate/Wall Street induced stupidity of more formerly cultured and intelligent people than ever through mainstream and social media–even that! is no match for those aligned and strengthened by Nam myoho renge kyo, the universe itself! Because the stupidity Trump and the corporatocracy depend on desperately needs people who cling to outdated thought and cultural paradigms and patterns that are ill matched for the tidal wave of present reality and change, his reign is doomed from the start and great Wall that is a Street is going to fall and crumble fast soon. We must brave and never give in. Fear makes you lose your integrity in a heartbeat and fall into hell together with the manipulated and stupidified.


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