You are who want to be, not who you think you are or must be

​We tend thing we have to define ourselves the way we have defined ourselves based on the way other people have defined us in the past. But to think like that is functioj of pure evil. We don’t have to keep being who or what we were. It is not easy to change our self and to proceed being whoever we want to be and do whatever we truly want to do. But that is precisely what true freedom and independence is. It means taking the harder path. It means giving hope, faith, goodness, optimism and self possibility a chance. It means taking sharp focus of ourselves at every moment and seeing what we believe os impossible because it hasn’t happened till now and seeing what we are continuing to do even now even now to sabotage ourselves, to recognize that everytime we fuck up we think we have to keep fucking up in order to be consistent. And it means changing that pattern and daring to get it right, to go for what we believed impossible. We don’t chant Nam myoho renge kyo to get benefits. We chant Nam myoho renge kyo because it makes it so much easier to make that hard choice at each and every moment to consciously be the self we truly want to be, unfettered and throwing off the chains we shackled ourselves in for eons, to believe not in our falling short selves but in our true happy, completely winning selves and to make this our lives work, to be the person who makes so many others around us happy along with ourselves and thereby build the world of peace the human race has failed at no matter how educated or wealthy people were. They failed because they didn’t have the unsurpassed powerful teaching of Nam myoho renge kyo whereas we will succeed because we do and because we will use it from this moment on and never compromise ourselves again. I know it sounds strict and hard but it is too amazing and fulfilling to pass up in favor of life of compromise and never ending conflict in this world.


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