When you get in front of the Gohonzon to chant NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, you are resolving to give to life even if you may not realize it. The difference between trying to give from your mental image of giving and actually giving from your true self is as wide as night and day. The theoretical bodhisattva who may do some good but lacks the life condition to encourage anyone in so many instances is like one who gropes blindly in the dark of night, whereas the essential bodhisattva or bodhisattva of the earth, who just chants NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO first ¬†with a mind of determination and then lives based upon that determination is like one in the broad daylight who is actually able to give something whether tangible or intangible to the right person in the right way and at the right time. It is not that we put on a nice face and give something we’ve been told to give. It is not that we are a selfish person who ¬†changes into a nice person. People at heart are neither selfish nor selfless. It is that we are ourselves and our “higher” or deeper self or power manifests as, by chanting, we naturally discover and clear away our inner cobwebs of illusion and negative views of life so that our true, beautiful self can shine through and our wisdom, free of all those misconceptions we had been operating under, enables us to give to each person we encounter during the day in a very natural way. Of course we have to make some effort to take the correct actions but our strong life condition from chanting and studying Buddhist wisdom equips us such that this is an enjoyable effort and life is so enjoyable both for us and for those we encounter, even those who, blinded out their darkness by the dazzling light we emit, get negative and hostile to us like one we have disturbed out of their sleep.



I felt her love

I felt her love coming through the consultation. 

I wonder if she felt mine through the clienteleship

I am a writer being forced to be a medical transcriptionist in a system that is verged by the fear of many and the immorality of a few to collapse very soon and leave us all, rich or poor, in much bigger trouble.
The teachers in school said the few spoil it for the many but they never taught us how to fix that and look what our world has turned into. They were just talking about the one or two kids who act out and that’s why there was no way they could help us figure out how to stop the kids with 2-digit ages above 20 who have gotten their fingers on the controls of our financial system and are enslaving us into their reign of terror with no effective accounting or oversight.

This is from an article in the August Living Buddhism on page 28:
“At a crucial moment, the vacillating emotions in people’s hearts are clearly and unfailingly revealed. The human heart can be frightening indeed.
“Mr. Toda always used to say, ‘In a crunch, the facades of people who are unprincipled, self-serving or vain and pretentious soon crumble, revealing their true colors. Though they make a lot of noise about kosen-rufu and introducing others to Nichiren Buddhism, such base people almost invariably end up donning the evil armor of treachery and becoming an antagonistic force that insults and inflicts suffering on those who are dedicated to following the true and correct path.’
“Keenly perceptive, Mr. Toda further said: ‘Leave those base and cowardly losers be. To betray the Soka Gakkai is to betray the Daishonin. You’ll know what I mean, when you see the retribution they incur at the end of their lives.’
“For the past 55 years, I have clearly and gravely observed these patterns of human behavior. The strict workings of the Buddhist law of cause and effect are more accurate than the most precise science, utterly without error.”

There is a passage from gongyo that reads:
“Ga jo chi shujo.
“Gyo do fu gyo do.”
(“Always I am aware of which living beings
“practice the way, and which do not.”)

You cannot see behind pretense.
You cannot see behind insincerity.
You cannot see even your own ignorance
Unless you have devoted your own self to the way:

Unless you desire for true happiness for all people and are willing to strip yourself of your own prejudices, assumptions an lazinesses in life “lower the banner of your arrogance, cast aside the staff of your anger, and devote yourself exclusively to the one vehicle of the Lotus Sutra” (WND-1-p.59), you will never know what the way truly is nor whether you are practicing correctly or not.

I have paid my dues and suffered in the mud of everyday reality while fighting my hardest among ordinary people on the front lines of kosen-rufu while many stayed back. I do not say, “I think I have earned the ability to know who’s practicing and who’s not” simply observing what causes I have made. I have earned this ability because my eyes have been opened as a result of my practice. This is actual proof, not arrogance, for me to know where you’re coming from and see right through you. I know who I can count on and who all the charlatans are. I don’t honestly trust a single one of the SGI members except these few: Those I have seen day in and day out, and what they are doing to sincerely support others and improve themselves while carrying themselves with humility and gratitude, The Buddha, Shakyamuni, who was no monasticist preaching Buddhist doctrine from behind a pulpit, but who suffered alone and then suffered among the people, scratching his head all his life to find the best way to help the people bravely come to their own awakening to the truth of life (“and in resonse to their needs for salvation (Zui o sho a do), I preach various doctrines for them (I sesshu ju ho). At all times I think to myself (Mai ji sa ze nen): How can I cause living beings (I ga ryo shu jo) to gain entry into the unsurpassed way (Thoku nyu mu-jo do) and quickly acquire the body of a Buddha? (Soku joju busshin)”

The path is that simple. How much time do you spend truly caring about other people’s happiness and enlightenment? Or is it just you want them to like you so you are careful not to offend? Do you care enough about a person that you can say the truth and be tough enough to walk away if they reject you for it? Do you now enough about the truth or have your own blindnesses and prejudices about your own motives blinded you to them?

Buddhism is not an easy practice nor is life an easy life if you live it correctly and sincerely as a wise and honest person. Socrates drank the hemlock willingly. Martin Luther King walked willingly into the assassin’s bullet. Good people know everything that most of us cling to as comfort the way a baby does–they know that all that is on the line. But preaching it is not enough, I’m sorry.

So if you stand up in the organization or if you go on the website or social platform of Facebook, can you back up everything you say with your blood? If you don’t know the answer to that, then your words are false and just bullshit. Nothing that a person claims loyalty or fidelity to means anything to a person who isn’t willing to stake his whole life to defend that belief. That’s when people know they can count on you. When your words and your actions match up. So I say to you, make something of yourself in this world. Don’t be a weak wuss like the majority. Don’t be a Facebook Talking Head. Show us what you’re made of and walk the march. Go the distance. Put yourself on the line for people. Whether they reject you or embrace what you have to say, go all out for them. That is all anyone will see. I hope I can be braver and do a much better job at my own human revolution. But one thing I am proud I can say now: I am afraid of nobody. I live for what I know is right and I will never give up. Certainly never for peer pressure and never for political pressure. And never for a buck. If you don’t want to join us, I’m sad, but I need to find truly like-minded comrades who mean what they say. I never point fingers. Those with eyes can see for themselves. Those without eyes (people blind to what’s really going on) never will so it’s important never to poison their minds with information, whether true or false, that will poison their minds with prejudice. I don’t want anybody hating anybody else out of ignorance. The wise can already see what’s what while if the foolish can’t see who’s genuine and who’s not, it’s better not to tell them because they’ll still get the wrong idea. Mark my words and take my advice. I am rarely wrong anymore. You’ll see. Better sooner than later.

The Definition of Insanity

If you like things the way they are now, with teen suicide hugely on the rise, then keep doing what you’ve always been doing without changing anything. Keep to yourself, leaving others to die on the side the road (since they’re going to die anyway, and since you are certain (as people once were that the world was flat) that there’s nothing you can do anyway. But if, on the other hand, you feel it’s so dire that you know you and I must change our ways of living to something drastically different, then please start chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO very vigorously so your eyes can be opened to the much greater potential you and we all have inside to actually make the world we live in a vastly much better place in which all teenagers and other people, younger and older, want to live, to dream big, to achieve meaningful goals, become somebody and be able to say at the end of our lives, “I’m so glad I made that change in my life so I could help so many other people in my world also become much happier and save so many lives who, like me, just wanted to be happy and fulfilled but felt cut down by and helpless in society the cruel and harsh way it is now.

    Someone who’s probably dead by now once said that the definition of Insanity is doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome. It makes perfect sense then that most, though fortunately not all people just going about their same daily life day in and day out are severely mentally impaired, no different than the people who are locked up in mental hospitals because they considered a danger to themselves and to others.