Somebody was talking about money the other day when I mentioned my determination to do only my mission of creating great writing the other day so I figured I ought to enlighten those of you who are still hostage to money about value and worth. Money, like truth (as first SG Pres. Makiguchi said), has absolutely no value. Those of you who’ve been around a few decades, understand the truth of this when you realize that a dollar today can get you little more than a mere penny could get you 50 years ago.
What you should be focusing on instead of money is spending power. Spending power is basically a product of 3 factors: the value of the money you possess, the market conditions, which itself is a product of what people are actually willing to spend on any given item plus the fixed higher price sellers are able to get from an item irregardless of what people were originally willing to spend, and in this category fall all kinds of things which include taxes, fees, things which don’t even exist that people are told are necessary or desirable commodities,  in other words, a whole bunch of nothings which are dressed up in fancy sounding but totally incomprehensible words, and, finally the 3rd factor of LIFE CONDITION, which is actually the primary factor that enables a person to increase his or her own value to others as well as spend only on what one considers to be of true value that either matches or doesn’t exceed its preset market value. A person with a weak and unself-developed life condition will have much lower both spending and earning power than a person with a life condition that’s been built up over time by rigorous practice, self-discipline and unswayability. A person who is able to dream and never lets go of their dreams and works hard and wisely towards realizing them is such a person. Every dollar that would be wasted on the lottery is instead spent wisely. That is the vast difference in spending power, which neither a stock market report nor price index can possibly tell you. Are you happy and truly satisfied most of your day? If so, you have good spending power. If not, your spending power is very weak.



  1. marcginsburg says:

    I’ll give you an example of what I mean. When I was very young, I loved the music of someone named Grover Washington Jr. Most of you probably never heard of him, but one day he was playing at this amazing place that was for the greatest stars, called Radio City Music Hall, which you probably also never heard of. So I spent $25 (which was back then a huge amount; add a 0 and you will an idea of the value or spending power of such a ticket. This is not my example, by the way).
    So the day came but I was exhausted (probably with a high blood sugar). The last thing I wanted to do was go out to a show. But the idea of missing something I had paid for, especially back then, in that day and age, was obscene and unheard of. But I was enough of a rebel, having jumped enough fences and crashed enough gates to get into shows I wanted to see, that I came up with the revolutionary idea to just skip the show and crash (by this crash I mean sleep lol). To this day I have felt and believed deep in my heart that I never got better spending power than I did for that $25(0), and with all the things I have regretted not doing, that was never one of them. I hope this gives you a good picture.

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