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I Wish I Could Be One Man For Every Woman I Love

I wish I could split myself up and be one man for every woman I seduce.

I don’t just want to have sex with each of them for one night. One night is way too short.

Each woman I have fallen in love with, I want to love each forever without stopping.

No food, no work, no nothing, just perpetual lovemaking. That’s what I want.

And I want it with every single woman who loves me and I love her.

I want to make every one of you feel special, happy, satisfied like no other man could satisfy you, that I am with you, thinking only of you and loving you 24-7.

But I don’t want any of the others to one iota less of my love.

Because I really feel that each of you is everything to me.

And I love every single one of each and all of you with every fiber of my one heart at every single moment of every day. 

I want to devote all of my life, my entire body, my soul, my love, my big heart that loves every single one of you completely.

How can I accomplish this impossible dream and make every single one of you the happiest woman in the entire world. Of course, you’ll all be equally tied for first place. But the prize will be just as big, just as shiny, just as radiant, just as though you each are the only winner, the girl for me in the entire world.

But how can I accomplish this impossibility? Well it sure won’t be easy but I’d rather die trying than die having given up. Better to perpetually live saying “I will” than to perpetually live saying.”I can’t”

The Cell Phone Smasher 

The Cell Phone Smasher is a semi-comedic, semi-violently emotion driven human drama about a high school teacher who feels trapped in a job far from what he wants to do who therefore has little to no tolerance for his student’s difficulties following the curriculum he himself doesn’t even like. He rants constantly about the annoyances and painful nature of the internet and cell phones to the point where one day he cries out to his class, “I fuckin resign” and flings his cell phone to the back of the room at a virulently fast speed which makes it smash loudly and violently, shocking everyone but bringing the first expression of relief to his face visible the entire movie. He notices one of the braver students intent into his phone, whereupon he grabs the phone and hurls it likewise, smashing it to loud, violent bits.
                  (startled, violently 
            Hey! What the fuck you
                   (relieved, angry)
             Forcing you to cold turkey
             your addiction and learn
             to communicate in real
             time. You can’t fuckin get 
             a job that pays the bills
             the bills that way.
Pause as student fidgets and disses while everyone else looks on, frightened by the sudden outburst.
                    (calmer but very firm)
              But, worst of all, it’s 
              extremely rude to check
              out of a class, which 
              happens, young man, to
              be your education, by
              burying your head in the
              internet. From now on, and
              always in this class, you
              will all always be entirely
              present from start to finish.
              Is that clear?
Several students make hip hop dance moves of sarcastic derision with their
turning, rolling heads and arms and hands.
              No absolutely not! Now,
              let me ask it again. You are
              to completely be off your
              phones from start to finish. 
              A class is the place to 
              learn about real life. Now,
              without rolling your heads…
                      (much louder)
              You got that!!?
Teacher is on the witness stand.
               The cell phone is only
               piece of dead machinery 
               that feels nothing and 
               can’t be injured, and whose
               life span is so short before 
               the young consumer is
               talked into trading it in for 
               a supposedly new and 
               improved model that it is
               worth as much as a kernal
               of popcorn on the floor of
               a movie theater. 
                        (very slight pause)
               But a young human life….
               That is something you 
               cannot mess with. That is
               the soul of this world which 
               you must labor with love
               to take care of even at risk
               of your freedom if the world
               is obstinate with its bullshit
               and gets in the way. And 
               with teenagers who are so
               swayable by greedy, 
               materialistic old men, and 
               don’t have a clue about the
               true value of their life – theirs 
               or anyone else’s – that love
               often must be tough love.