Love’s Communion

Honey I could never love anyone else like I love you.

Honey I could never love anyone else because all of my love is for you so there’s none left except for you.

I can never imagine anyone else turning me on after experiencing the way you turn me on.

Honey, if you ever leave me, that will be the end for me. That will be the death of my love life.

I will be no different than a priest.

So let me worship at your altar only.

Let me drink of your communion wine alone

Eat only the communion wafers of your body


Your heart is my heart 💙

you’re always with me smiling at me or looking at me with your deep dark love of suffering that is now transforming to great joy

Because your suffering is my suffering Your pain is my pain Your hope is my hope Your trust is my trust Your yearning is my yearning Your passion is my passion Your joy is my joy
Your sighs of ecstasy and sheer delight are my sighs of ecstasy and sheer delight.
Your heart is my heart 💙
Let’s nurture and love and take care of our one heart and be careful so it don’t break. Because it is the only heart we have.
We both need each other so much baby. To lose each other would be agony for both of us