September 28, 2018


Hello. My name is Marc Ginsburg. Welcome to my viral political video. In this series, we will be focusing on the most important dynamic of human life―the struggle between good and evil, between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, between the Democratic progressive way of doing things and the Republican conservative way. In order to remember what progressive and conservative mean, just think in your head PRO versus CON. Which one seems like the one that is PRO life and which one a big CON job. PROgressive. CONservative. Please remember that. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates and his disciple Plato, spoke out vehemently against a group of Athenians known as the sophists. The word sophist derives from the Greek word for wisdom, sophos. These men were revered in society as wise people who knew the truth of all things. They presided in official places and preached the so-called “truth” they wanted people to hear. This type of “truth” was brainwashing, the epitome of a con job. It basically was indoctrinating people into a way of thinking that came to be considered correct and suppressing free and critical thought. Whenever free and critical thought is suppressed, democracy is in peril and human life and human happiness are in great danger. Socrates, who hung out on street corners and held genuine conversations with people with no pretension, was ridiculed and scorned by the established and rich people in his society, not simply because he was outside the mainstream and seemed unruly and breaking of all the rules but because the truth he inspired people to come up with on their own through genuine thinking was the real danger to hierarchy and inequality. In the end, he was poisoned to death by the powers that ruled in his day.


Today’s Republicans and conservatives are exactly like the sophists of the ancient Athenian world. They make falsehood seem like truth and truth seem like falsehood. To the Republicans, thinking critically and originally―i.e. freely and not as indoctrinated―is the greatest danger to them.


In order to understand today’s Republicans, it is necessary to understand the psychology of tyrants and inequality throughout history and how this plays out in every facet of society unless people are making concerted efforts to overcome their baser, lazier natures and think and act in a more enlightened and giving way with the understanding that we are not in this world alone but all interdependent and, at root, totally equal. In order to make it easy to understand why separation, inequality and hierarchy, which has been the norm of human society throughout history, is so evil, we need, especially as Americans to hold the light up of the most famous statement of the Declaration of Independence upon every occurrence in society. It states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The key words here are “equal”, “unalienable Rights”, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The most important starting point is that “all men are created equal”. First, we must be clear about what is meant by “men”. The term “men” in this passage has been the most misunderstood of all. As we have evolved in our history to recognize the place of women in society, we have regarded the words “man” and “men” with gender specificity. However, the truth is that these terms, even as late as the 1960s, when I was a child, were actually seen as covering both men and women. This reality is clear from the fact that John Lennon, who, when he wrote Imagine in 1972, was an ardent feminist, clearly did not mean to limit his use of the word “man” to only males, when he asked us to imagine “a brotherhood of Man…” Thus it is clear to me that the Declaration’s promise and affirmation of the essential equality of all human beings reflects a much broader vision than the standard, lazy, ordinary, mainstream way of thinking not only in the society he lived in but at all times. True, we live in a much progressed and more liberated society today, which should be to our credit as Americans acting in the spirit of Jefferson’s Declaration, but what really counts to create progress, change, true equality and true peace on earth is how critically and independently we are each thinking. It is the sacred duty and obligation of every teacher, from parents to schoolteachers, to foster that kind of independence and not only steer clear but stringently avoid indoctrination. In order to do that, teacher’s need to avoid the kind of angry strong-arming of the precious young lives of the children and young adults before them, the kind of strong-arming with which Brett Kavanaugh defended himself at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings when confronted with a confident accusation of sexual molestation of a young woman.


Unfortunately, that kind of strong-arming is very typical of Republicans and bullies in general and the current President is a prime example, though, thankfully, due to our First Amendment right to a free press that widely communicates things completely independently of either government or men with huge power in society, only less than half of our country are allowing themselves to be fooled into believing such bullying and into voting away their well being to a bunch of selfish men of wealth and power. It is really most sad to see ordinary innocent human beings throughout the midwest, the south and the west be fooled at every moment by the very people who are their worst enemies.


That is why I am trying to promote this viral video series. It is so important that the reality of everybody’s situation, which is, for the most part the same, whether you’re white, black, in the city, in the country, American, someone either in or from another country, a situation that due to our own ignorance as a people, is being thrown into greater and greater peril with each moment we allow these Republican bullies to run our lives as we have allowed them. And I mostly blame you who stayed home on Election Day.


This year, 2018, we have the most important election of your and our lifetime coming up. If you are lucky enough to be allowed to be a United States citizen―a very tough threshold to meet on its own―you owe it to yourself, to your fellow Americans and to all the non-citizens both around you and in foreign countries, to get yourself registered and to vote this Election Day for all the Democrats on your ballot so we can stop these evil Republicans from ruining our country, ruining our planet and ruining your life, the thing which you see happening right in front of you every day but have no idea how to redirect our society to a better path. Well just look at who forms the government. The Executive Branch: All Republicans. The Legislative Branch: Majority Republicans. The Judicial Branch: Majority Republicans, led by a Republican Chief Justice, and now in grave and frightening danger of becoming a Republican Court for a lifetime. How do you like them apples? Well just look at how well your life is going and that is your answer. No matter how much FOX News tells you that the Democrats are responsible for your troubles, you know as well as I that the Democrats have no power to ruin your life. Don’t you think it’s time to vote out the Party that is holding power? And if you think it doesn’t matter or that the Democratic Party doesn’t go far enough, remember the very wise adage: One small step is how we get to our destination on the journey. Just keep going, one step at a time. A Democrat that isn’t progressive enough for you is still better than a Republican. She is not the lesser of two evils. She is the only good you have. Stop being so fanatical and puritanical. And for those of you who think the government and the politicians are all no good so why vote, I’ve got news for you: It’s because you allowed Republicans to takeover our government with only a very small percentage of our eligible voting population electing them that they’ve pretty much stolen our government away from the government of the people, by the people and for the people that it can only be when the citizens, the people get strongly involved, into a government that is meant solely for the purpose of lining the pockets of the rich. So it is not the Democrats but yourself alone that you have to blame for the sorry state of affairs the world is in now. I urge you, don’t make that same mistake again. In fact, not only do we all need to be registered and get out there and vote ourselves we need to mobilize all our friends to get out with us. Let’s make a voting party, like when you go out with all your friends to a movie. Let’s make it a fun event on Election Day. Let’s make the lines extend all around the block like Demi Lovato or Camilla Cabeho is having a concert. Let’s fill up the streets with people waiting on line to vote. This is our most sacred duty as Americans. If we all unite and agree to vote together, we can shut down the workplaces of America that are helping destroy democracy by not closing on Election Day. How unpatriotic this corporate greedy class is who is buying out politicians and stealing our government from us. We must vote. We must vote. We must vote and grab our government back from them. I mean all of you from the Redwood forests to the Gulf Stream Waters, from Columbus to Tupelo to Denver to LA, from sea to shining sea. Let’s vote!MARC GINSBURG’S DAILY VIRAL POLITICAL VIDEO


Roseanne’s Vote for Trump

Another thing you all have to understand, at least especially you Donna, is you’re spending all your time in this non-dimensional 2-dimensional space that is the internet, speaking to people at a remove, whose lives you are not intertwined with. I notice that problem a lot on the Left, I hear it on NPR and even see it in other previously very deep and reputable venues like The New Yorker. The Left has become an elite, much like the bulk of the Democratic Party, with money, quick to call out those not like them or agreeing with them. I can see why the “forgotten” working people of the midwest feel alienated and angered by them, who are suffering and struggling with real problems every day. And Roseanne and Dan Connor represent and give voice to such people. Wait till you see Joey and Giselle Stivic in my The New All In The Family if you think it can’t happen. Look in the mirror first before you condemn. Roseanne, whatever craziness she’s come to off screen, is someone bringing it back to what really matters—family, honesty and human values. I don’t think either the actor or the character was or will ever be a bona fide Republican, just a woman always in rebellion, always her own person, giving voice to so many unheard people, such as Mark, her grandson, who dresses a little too colorfully for a struggling midwestern working class town (Darlene, her daughter and his mom, had raised him in Chicago and had to move the family back to small town USA when she lost her job, proof itself that the Trump “boom” has too many holes in it, as everywhere I turn, people are broke, struggling, losing their jobs, unprepared to re-invent themselves and start a business as many millenials are doing now). The most touching scene is when Roseanne says to Mark, you must choose your battles and is this a battle you’re willing to fight? To which Mark, in character with his own independent minded mom, Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert, says unequivocally yes. I would look for Mark, with his bright smile (a smile is like the sun on a bright day) to be a powerful force to be reckoned with on the show in the upcoming episodes. Roseanne clearly accomplished what she set out—to challenge and provoke all of you armchair liberals–and conservatives—who want easier answers to life’s reality, which is far more, way more complex than can be expressed online in any social media post.


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