i am very young

As long as I’m alive, I will stay young. Whether it’s nurturing the next generation, fighting for equal justice for all or awakening people to the beauty of their lives, I will be totally vibrant and alive. What I was too scared, too sick and too overwhelmed to do for too long, I will be doing 3-fold for a very long time ahead. I dare all you 20-year, 30-year olds, to try to keep up with me.

Marc Ginsburg

Mike’s final speech on what it means to govern

Hi. Welcome to my blog. Here is an excerpt from my screenplay, Return of the Green, the final scene, President Greenbaum’s final (unbeknownst to him) speech of his life in Dallas on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. Happy 4th of July.




There seems to be a mean-

spiritedness about people who go

into politics, a desire to beat the

pants off the other side, a

competitiveness of such ugly nature

that it doesn’t even even have the

fun-spiritedness of sports. Perhaps

that can’t be totally avoided,

though I think you’ll agree that it

didn’t have to sink this bad that it

disgusts and turns off so many

people. I know I am forceful in my

approach. I am this way because in

such an atmosphere of deadlock,

there is no other way to do what we

really should be here to do: to

govern. To make sure that the basic

needs of all our citizens are met

and that threats to meeting those

needs are deterred. While I would

prefer being able to discuss and

negotiate how to do this, the

needs of the times and the

challenges that have been ignored

by our elected officials in

Washington for too long must be

met with decisive action now.

That is governing—having a sense of

mission of what it means first to

protect the American people, who

are the true sovereigns, and also

what it means to respond to the

founding gamut—to form a more

perfect union every day—every day—

not to lose sight of what it means

to put everything you got on the

line so that one American can be

happier today, so that one American

can be freer today, so that one

American can get a better shot at

improving his financial situation,

than yesterday. To stand on the

backs of the great innovators and

pioneers of the American spirit of

improvement and forever be at the

vanguard of new ideas and

approaches for humanity’s

betterment. That is the only reason

one should enter politics.