Introverts and Extraverts #4

My goal in my political movies is to turn the introverted expression of moderate progressive politics into an extraverted expression so loud that extraverts cannot help but notice, the way Randi Rhodes created a radio talk show of the nature of the typical extraverted right wing shows of that type that abound in people’s ears.


Introverts and Extraverts #5

Introverts have more trouble in relationships than extraverts. This is because extraverts are connected more to others than to themselves through a simplified social network of what can truly be defined as common sense. Introverts tend to find mates, desirable as they are, cumbersome and annoying, as also do extraverts. But introverts crave the oneness and soulmate-ness that comes only with introvert-introvert relationships, finding an ecstasy those rare and hopefully increasing over time moments of real connection between each other deep inner selves, made all the more so by the fact that few, if any, have ever connected with these deep places in the introvert. For this reason, there is a greater tendency among introverts to crave same-sex relationships due to the parallel yet independent nature of the commonality as opposed to the more complementary feel of opposite-sex attraction, which extraverts thrive on.