Peace On Earth (conversation between a Christian and a Buddha)

Heather Barden Koelle:

3 planets hover,
over man’s creation
showing all mankind
from every nation
that peace on earth
goodwill towards men
is there for us,
but when?

Heather Writers Group photo for Peace On Earth_10882185_10204575357159586_2517448144505975669_n

Marc Ginsburg :

Come Venus, come Earth,
Come Mars, alight!

Listen you 3 kings,
Sumeru, Eagle and Fuji bright,

There are 3 great laws,
Unfortunately too secret,
NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, Gohonzon, and
Sanctified lands where SGI members frequent,

In New York, Bombay, it is all around,

Why, even in Fukushima does good will abound.
All you need is chant NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO and your inner revolution,
Trust SGI’s work, and help create the solution.

Do not stand passive, make a difference each day!

From your life alone can world peace come to stay.