Republicans are mean-spirited

#Republicans are so mean-spirited and negative. They appeal to the worst, most destructive aspects of human beings.😬😡🤢👎
Glad even Speaker Paul Ryan is not even going along with their latest “overflow the swamp” legislation to gut accountability and oversight.


Weakness is by no means a lack of strength. Weakness is the strength of evil over good. It is the lack of a resolute will to use one’s brain and whatever means one has to build a strong defense again evil. I know this because it was not strong people who gave me my cold infection. It was people with weak immune systems, unable to ward it off, who caused me to pick up their bacteria. Among strong people, I would have been strong. Likewise, it was many weak people who fell for Donald Trump’s deception and enabled him to beat Hillary Clinton. He didn’t win on strength. He won on the of strength in the minds of many people who are weak.

Tempests of rage

Tempests of rage beat fiercely in my heart.

At Eagle Peak, The Treasure Tower is fully open,

they beat even more fiercely,

the rage emerging from the Earth

upon the collective sins of our humankind.

Lava erupts, tornadoes swirl, ice melts.

At $2 a gallon, a tempest of hell is brewing.