I have come to the realization that the biggest thorn in the side of peace and human harmony is too many people think their point of view has to be the totality & the other has to be wrong, illegitimate. (A) How many people unlike or in opposition to you can you feel empathy for and see yourself in their shoes? (B) How many people unlike or in opposition to you can you feel no potential for empathetic identification or reconciliation? Take the total number of your answers and figure the mathematical percentage of all your A’s versus all your B’s. The result is how much you feel peace is possible. Then add up all the percentages of you and everybody else and the result will tell how much peace is actually possible. Afterward, think about what you are willing to do to increase peace’s chance. With the constant threat of nuclear holocaust strongly threatening us at every minute, don’t you think this task is urgent and priority? I am looking for your answer in the comment section or private mailbox.


The Treasures of The Heart: The Story of the Robe

In speaking of empathy and identifying with our adversaries, those we think are wrong, there is a scene in the movie, “The Greatest Story Ever Told” in which Peter’s coat is stolen. He is angered and wants to condemn the thief and seek retribution. Jesus tells him to have compassion for the thief as someone who knows only darkness and therefore needs Peter to share his light. But Peter can’t understand why a thief, who is clearly wrong, deserves anything other than punishment. Sound familiar? Do you find yourself agreeing with Peter and thinking Jesus too extreme? But Jesus, seeing words to be of no utility in teaching Peter the spiritual lesson he wants to teach him, then offers Peter his own robe. Peter, shaking his head in shame, refuses to take it. That simple action of offering what is his own on the part of Jesus penetrates Peter’s heart and conveys the lesson that words failed to do: Remove yourself from attachments and seek only the treasures of the heart and there will you find a greater happiness and peace than any material good, no matter how seemingly necessary, can’t begin to compare with. I can’t tell you how many times I was pushed by circumstance to attend to diminishing material status in fear of losing it all rather than chant and do Buddhist activities for kosen-rufu. But there always a “good friend”, a Jesus, of kosen-rufu, who reminded me what really counts in the scheme of happiness. Sometimes, that good friend was me myself. But as unlikely as pursuing the spiritual path of chanting seemed as a better way of protecting my life than direct pursuit of material gain, sure enough chanting and pursuing kosen-rufu always yielded far greater reward to both body and soul than direct pursuit ever did. And yet these fools who dot the earth still insist on following the course of fools and arguing and fighting with each other and dissing and putting other people down by focusing on how wrong these other people are, meanwhile neglecting their own self improvement. How truly sad. How truly pitiful. How truly lamentable. But perhaps one of these is a Peter who I might be able to bring along into the world of empathy and true love

Roseanne’s Vote for Trump

Another thing you all have to understand, at least especially you Donna, is you’re spending all your time in this non-dimensional 2-dimensional space that is the internet, speaking to people at a remove, whose lives you are not intertwined with. I notice that problem a lot on the Left, I hear it on NPR and even see it in other previously very deep and reputable venues like The New Yorker. The Left has become an elite, much like the bulk of the Democratic Party, with money, quick to call out those not like them or agreeing with them. I can see why the “forgotten” working people of the midwest feel alienated and angered by them, who are suffering and struggling with real problems every day. And Roseanne and Dan Connor represent and give voice to such people. Wait till you see Joey and Giselle Stivic in my The New All In The Family if you think it can’t happen. Look in the mirror first before you condemn. Roseanne, whatever craziness she’s come to off screen, is someone bringing it back to what really matters—family, honesty and human values. I don’t think either the actor or the character was or will ever be a bona fide Republican, just a woman always in rebellion, always her own person, giving voice to so many unheard people, such as Mark, her grandson, who dresses a little too colorfully for a struggling midwestern working class town (Darlene, her daughter and his mom, had raised him in Chicago and had to move the family back to small town USA when she lost her job, proof itself that the Trump “boom” has too many holes in it, as everywhere I turn, people are broke, struggling, losing their jobs, unprepared to re-invent themselves and start a business as many millenials are doing now). The most touching scene is when Roseanne says to Mark, you must choose your battles and is this a battle you’re willing to fight? To which Mark, in character with his own independent minded mom, Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert, says unequivocally yes. I would look for Mark, with his bright smile (a smile is like the sun on a bright day) to be a powerful force to be reckoned with on the show in the upcoming episodes. Roseanne clearly accomplished what she set out—to challenge and provoke all of you armchair liberals–and conservatives—who want easier answers to life’s reality, which is far more, way more complex than can be expressed online in any social media post.

Love’s Communion

Honey I could never love anyone else like I love you.

Honey I could never love anyone else because all of my love is for you so there’s none left except for you.

I can never imagine anyone else turning me on after experiencing the way you turn me on.

Honey, if you ever leave me, that will be the end for me. That will be the death of my love life.

I will be no different than a priest.

So let me worship at your altar only.

Let me drink of your communion wine alone

Eat only the communion wafers of your body

Your heart is my heart 💙

you’re always with me smiling at me or looking at me with your deep dark love of suffering that is now transforming to great joy

Because your suffering is my suffering Your pain is my pain Your hope is my hope Your trust is my trust Your yearning is my yearning Your passion is my passion Your joy is my joy
Your sighs of ecstasy and sheer delight are my sighs of ecstasy and sheer delight.
Your heart is my heart 💙
Let’s nurture and love and take care of our one heart and be careful so it don’t break. Because it is the only heart we have.
We both need each other so much baby. To lose each other would be agony for both of us


Every morning I see your beautiful picture in my phone.

And my heart leaps out for you baby.

I am remembering driving to Queens to see you and feeling your beautiful essence in me.

Or driving you home from the all too short but happiest encounters in my home with you, loving the scent and aroma of who you are. 

I want you baby more than ever.

I love you baby  more than ever.

Let’s work hard together with each other to make our love blossom and reach the heavens.
Cada mañana veo tu hermosa foto en mi teléfono.

Y mi corazón salta hacia ti, cariño.

Estoy recordando conducir a Queens para verte y sentir tu hermosa esencia en mí.

O conducirte a casa desde los encuentros demasiado cortos pero más felices en mi hogar contigo, amando el aroma y la fragancia de quien eres.

Te quiero bebé más que nunca.

Te amo bebé más que nunca.

Trabajemos duro juntos para hacer que nuestro amor florezca y llegue al cielo.


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