¡Ah mi linda!

My soft skin to sweet touch, my daily medicine of love in the morning and in the evening,

and throughout the day which your fills with happiness that drives away all sadness.

How are you my darling? 

I so wait for your healing touch of ecstasy, taste beyond compare, that fills a man with delight beyond description.


Kindness is the Only Parachute 

As I approach my final preparations for my jump off the cliff,

Remember this:

The only useful and effective parachute is the Bodhisattva Way.

Be there for and acknowledge the true self of others and they will support you where gravity won’t.

We don’t mess things up for ourselves and for the world because we’re bad. We mess things up for ourselves and for the world because we are unaware of the unbreakable relationship between every cause we make and how it turns out. We make important what’s not & ignore what is crucial. We do it almost every minute of every day. I’ll bet you a million dollars right now that 20 instances of this just happened right in front of your eyes in the last minute at the company you work for.